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Awesome Heavy Sterling Silver White Onyx Norse-Viking-Celtic Cuff Bracelet

Offered here is an awesome heavy vintage Sterling Silver White Onyx Norse-Viking-Celtic Cuff Bracelet for men or women. This bracelet measures roughly 1 1/8 inches wide at the center, and 6 1/6 inches inside circumference, not counting the 1 1/4 inch wide gap. Like most cuff bracelets, this could easily be gently bent inward or outward to accommodate a wide variety of wrist sizes. This heavy bracelet weighs a hefty 76 grams (2.71 ounces!). At the center, is a gorgeous white Onyx stone measuring roughly 1 x 5/8 inches. There is also a slight roughness in the white onyx, in one tiny spot near the top center. It doesn't show up in the photos or in person well, but you can feel it when you run your thumbnail across the stone. I would guess that someone probably bumped the stone on something, or it simply didn't get fully polished in that one spot when it was made. Either way, I don't see it as a problem, but am just trying to be honest about condition. In short, this is a vintage piece, and shows minor wear, and is not new. In person, this is a very impressive bracelet, and that white onyx really stands out well in contrast to the silver behind it. Definitely fit for a king or queen!










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