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Norse-Viking Traditional Recipes



(Norwegian Eggnog)


Eggedosis is the national dish served in Norway on May 17, a date that corresponds to our 4th of July.  It is a thick egg cream, eaten from a dish with a spoon.  The grownups cheer their Eggedosis with a little brandy.  Eggedosis is served with cookies.  It is best made with an electric beater, since beating the eggs is the main trick.  Eggedosis means special occasions.


12 egg yolks

2-egg whites

12 Tbsp, sugar

Cognac and vanilla


Beat the eggs and sugar until very thick.  Flavor part with vanilla for the children and the rest with Cognac or sherry for the grownups.






5 egg yolks

5 Tbsp. Sugar

2 egg whites

1 Tbsp. brandy or rum


With an electric mixer set at high speed, whip together the yolks, 2 egg whites and sugar.  When the mixture has thickened to a custard-like consistency, add the brandy (or rum).  To make by hand, whip the yolks and whites to froth, with a wire whisk before gradually beating in the sugar.  Continue to beat vigorously until the mixture thickens; then beat in the liquor.  Serve immediately in a chilled dish along with fruit.








Steeped Coffee - Preheat coffee maker with boiling water.  Drain.  For each standard measuring cup of water (use freshly drawn cold water and boil), using standard measuring spoons, measure 2 tablespoons regular grind coffee.  Put into coffee maker.  To clarify this coffee, mix in 1 tsp. slightly beaten egg for each 2 Tbsp. coffee used.  Measure and add fresh cold water.  Bring very slowly to boiling, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat at once.  Pour 1/4 cup cold water down spout to settle grounds.  Let stand 3 to 5 minutes without heat.  Strain coffee through a fine strainer into a server, which has been preheated with boiling water.  If necessary to keep hot, let coffee stand over low heat without boiling.  Coffee is the leading beverage of Scandinavia and the Scandinavians are the leading coffee drinkers of the world.  A pot of steaming coffee is always at hand.  The true Scandinavian prepares his coffee by the steeping method and likes it stronger than most Americans do.





Himmelsk Lapskaus

(Fruit Potpourri With Brandy or Rum Egg Sauce)


3/4-cup chopped bananas

3/4-cup halved seedless grapes

1/2-cup chopped walnuts or pecans

1 cup chopped apple or orange


Toss the fruits and nuts together in a serving bowl and chill before serving with Eggedosis, the rich egg sauce.  In Norway this sauce is frequently served alone.  Although American palates may find it excessively sweet by itself, it is an excellent foil for the tartness of fresh fruit.








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