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Kormak's Saga

The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald




How Cormac Was Born and Bred


About this time King Harald Fairhair died, and Eric Bloodaxe reigned in his stead.  Ogmund would have no friendship with Eric, nor with Gunnhild, and made ready his ship for Iceland.  Nor Ogmund and Helga had a son called Frodi: but when the ship was nearly ready, Helga took a sickness and died; and so did their son Frodi.  After that, they sailed to sea.  When they were near the land, Ogmund cast overboard his high-seat-pillars; and where the high-seat-pillars had already been washed ashore, there they cast anchor, and landed in Midfiord.  At this time Skeggi of Midfiord ruled the countryside.  He came riding toward them and bade them welcome into the firth, and gave them the pick of the land: which Ogmund took, and began to mark out ground for a house.  Now it was a belief of theirs that as the measuring went, so would the luck go: if the measuring-wand seemed to grow less when they tried it again and again, so would that house's luck grow less: and if it grew greater, so would the luck be.  This time the measure always grew less, though they tried it three times over.


So Ogmund built him a house on the sandhills, and lived there ever after.  He married Dalla, the daughter of Onund the Seer, and their sons were Thorgils and Cormac.  Cormac was dark-haired, with a curly lock upon his forehead: he was bright of blee and somewhat like his mother, big and strong, and his mood was rash and hasty.  Thorgils was quiet and easy to deal with.  When the brothers were grown up, Ogmund died; and Dalla kept house with her sons.  Thorgils worked the farm, under the eye of Midfiord-Skeggi.





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